Students supervised by Arbab, prof.dr. F. (Farhad)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
PhD Computer Science2023promotorDokter, K.P.C. (Kasper)Scheduled Protocol Programming
PhD Computer Science2023promotorLion, B. (Benjamin)An Algebra for Interaction of Cyber Physical Components
PhD Computer Science2020promotorChangizi, B. (Behnaz)Constraint-Based Analysis of Business Process Models
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorHijmans, BartConstructing Monitors for Reo Circuits
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorSmeyers, M. (Maarten)A Browser-Based Graphical Editor for Reo Networks
PhD Computer Science2016promotorJongmans, S.-S.T.Q (Sung-Shik)Automata-Theoretic Protocol Programming
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorKappé, T.W.J. (Tobias)Logic for Soft Component Automata
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorNes, M.W. (Matthijs) van deDeveloping Efficient Concurrent C Application Programs using Reo
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorVinkhuijzen, L. (Lieuwe)Reducing Copying and Network Traffic in Reo Circuits
PhD Computer Science2011promotorIzadi, M. (Mohammad)Model Checking of Component Connectors
PhD Computer Science2011promotorKemper, S. (Stephanie)Modelling and Analysis of Real-time Coordination Patterns
PhD Computer Science2011promotorKrause, C. (Christian)Reconfigurable Component Connectors
PhD Computer Science2011promotorMoon, Y.-J. (Young-Joo)Stochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors
PhD Computer Science2011promotorProença, J.M.P. (José)Synchronous Coordination of Distributed Components
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorVries, R. (Roald) dePhysical Reo
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorPouw , M. (Michiel)Constraint Automata with Synchronization Points
PhD Computer Science2007promotorGuillen Scholten, J.V. (Juan)Mobile Channels for Exogeneous Coordination of Distributed Systems