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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Fonhof, AlainAn Attempt to Detecting Patterns Among Children on the Playground using Attributed Graph Mining
Hopman, LarsETA: A machine learning oriented platform for highdimensional time series analysis
Jansma, LaurensAnalyzing flight recorder data: A data-driven safety analysis of mixed fleet flying
Ligthart, MaartenReal-time voorspelling van het aantal OV-Chipkaart reizigers bij NS - CONFIDENTIAL
Lopes Carreiro, V. (Vanessa)Examining Different Strategies for the Card Game Sueca
Lopes Carreiro, VanessaExamining different strategies for the card game Sueca
Mil, Jelle vanFinding and visualizing patterns in Borderline Personality Disorder fMRI images
Özer, MuhammetPerformance of Imputation Techniques on Numerical Values
Pelt, Harmen vanReducing false positives using time-dependent sample weighting for cost-optimized detection of internet fraud - CONFIDENTIAL
Ramesar, PrashandEvaluating the feasibility of HTML5 for the visualization of bio-imaging and image-model data
Sijtstra, FemkeCare pathways in enterprise scheduling software - CONFIDENTIAL
Winter, Roy deAnalysing Possession Switches in Football using Subgroup Discovery