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Student Thesis
Alexander van der Kuijl A Robust Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Grid resource Allocation
Anyi Zhang Bayesian Mixed Integer Optimization Using A-Priori Knowledge on Variable Dependences
Bas van Zon Designing and Simulating Brain Structures Using a Specially Built GUI
Cor Cornelisse The HIRLAM weather forecasting model on small memory systems
Johannes Kruisselbrink Evolutionary algorithms for automated drug design
Kuan Yan Object Tracking and Data Analysis of Migrating Tumor Cells Visualized by time-lapse video
Maarten Oosten Verleden Namen
Maarten van Casteren Weather forecasting on a Multicluster
Marthinus Pollard Mixed-Integer Constrained Optimization; An Evolutionary Approach
Qurratulain Mubarak PABS: Paradigm Application on Biological Systems: a computational biological systems modelling tool
Sven van Haastregt Automated Synthesis of C Programs to Hardware Process Networks
Tamas Farago A Framework for Heterogeneous Desktop Parallel Computing
Vincent van der Goes Assymmetric Sharing
Xuan Li Java interaction testing
Y. Lee Analyzing Molecular Landscapes Using Random Walks and Information Theory
Yan Zhang Estimation of 3D Motion in time sequences of volumetric MRI data