Students supervised by Engelfriet, dr. J. (Joost)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master Computer Science2007first supervisorSamwel, B. (Bart)Pebble Scope and the Power of Pebble Tree Transducers
PhD Computer Science2005copromotorGelsema, T.E. (Tjalling)Effective Models for the Structure of pi-Calculus Processes with Repli...
PhD Computer Science2004copromotorManeth, S. (Sebastian)Models of Tree Translation
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorBarthel,. M. (Mischa)Petri Nets: Model Checking, Unfoldings and the Observable Configuratio...
Master Computer Science1998first supervisorBest, J.P. (Jan-Pascal) vanTree-Walking Automata and Monadic Second Order Logic
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorBloem, R. (Roderick)Attribute Grammars and Monadic Second Order Logic
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorJongepier, L. (Linda)Petri Net Talen
Master Computer Science1994first supervisorGelsema, T. (Tjalling)Petrinetsemantiek van Mobiele Processen
Master Computer Science1994first supervisorSchelvis, W.A.M. (Wilbert)The Decidability of the Boundedness of Functions on Hypergraph Generat...
Master Computer Science1993first supervisorVereijken, J.J. (Jan Joris)Graph Grammars and Operations on Graphs
PhD Computer Science1990copromotorLeih, G. (George)Graph Grammers and Petri Nets with References
PhD Computer Science1987copromotorAalbersberg, IJ.J. (IJsbrand Jan)Studies in Trace Theory