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Student Thesis
D. Gaida Dynamic real-time substrate feed optimization of anaerobic co-digestion plants
F.W. Takes Algorithms for analyzing and mining real-world graphs
K.F.D. Rietveld A versatile tuple-based optimization framework
LU CAO Biological model representation and analysis
M. Helvensteijn Abstract delta modeling : software product lines and beyond
M.A.M. Bamakhrama On hard real-time scheduling of cyclo-static dataflow and its application in system-level design
M.P. Schraagen Aspects of record linkage
N. Kieft Evaluation of different design space description methods for analysing combustion engine operation limits
R. Etemadi Idgahi Quality-driven multi-objective optimization of software architecture design: method, tool, and application
S. Miao Structural health monitoring meets data mining
T.O. Holzmann Matchmaking for open innovation : perspectives on multi-sided markets