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Student Thesis
A.A.J. Oerlemans Content-based retrieval of visual information
CHRISTIAN KRAUSE Reconfigurable Component Connectors
E. Stupka Fish genomes : a powerful tool to uncover new functional elements in vertebrates
J. Wang Spiking Neural P Systems
JOSÉ M.P. PROENÇA Synchronous Coordination of Distributed Components
JULIA DMITRIEVA Aspects of Ontology Visualization and Integration prof dr J.N. Kok
LACRAMIOARA ASTEFANOEI An executable theory of multi-agent systems refinement
MOHAMMED IZADI Model Checking of Component Connectors
STEPHANIE KEMPER Modelling and Analysis of Real-time Coordination Patterns
W. Mensink Subject of innovation or: how to redevelop 'the patient' with technology
Y. Zhang Heterogeneous data analysis for annotation of microRNAs and novel genome assembly
YOUNG-JOO MOON Stochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors