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Student Thesis
A. KHADR Adoption of new technologies in a highly uncertain environment
C. Zissulescu-Ianculescu Synthesis of a parallel data stream processor from data flow process networks
E.H. DE GRAAF Mining semi-structured data
H. LI Workload Characterization, Modeling, and Prediction in Grid Computing
J. KAZIUS Computers and Drug Discovery: Construction and Data Mining of chemical and Biological Databases
J. LEMAITRE Model-based specification and design of large-scale signal processing systems
J.J. JACOB Domain Specific Modeling and Analysis
M.L. CRISTEA Parallel and Distributed Processing in High Speed Traffic Monitoring
O.M. SHIR Niching in Derandomized Evolution Strategies and its Applications in Quantum Control
R. BRIJDER Models of Natural Computation: Gene Assembly and Membrane Systems
V. ZIVKOVIC Execution Platform Modeling for System-Level Architecture Performance Analysis
X. MA Patterns of Enterprise system Implementation