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Student Thesis
Guoxiang Liu A New Algorithm for Ring Checking in Molecules
Haobo Zhou Asynchronous communication for the Halo Data Swap in the HIRLAM Wheather Forecast Model
Jeroen de Bruin A simulator for component Based systems
Jinshuo Liu Shape analysis and Pattern Recognition in Pathogen Yeast Cryptococcus neoformans
Kai Huang, Ji Gu Automatic Platform Synthesis and Application Mapping for Multiprocessor systems ON-Chip
Mark Peeters The architecture of a Basic Personal Network
Robin Roestenburg Particle Swarm Optimization: Finding Optimal Poker Strategies
Sjoerd Meijer A Process Splitting Transformation for Kahn Process Networks
Wei Wang Using Eclipse as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For Compaan
Wouter Meuleman Integration and Analysis of Zebrafish Microarray Data
Yan Gao P. Systems with non-reactive objects
Yu Zhang An evaluation of models for publishing dynamic prediction information in the Grid
Yun Bei IDBX, An Image Database for data exchange in virtual communities