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Student Thesis
A. Oerlemans Detecting and Identifying Moving Objects in Real-Time
C.P.M. Netten Towards Believable Virtual Characters Using A Computational Model of Emotion
G. Liem Increasing quality in software production, using the Test-Feedback chain
G. Portokalidis Zero hour worm detection and containment using honeypots
H.T. Nguyen High-Speed Packet Filtering on IX P1200 Network Processors
Jeroen Laros Unique factors in the human genome
K. Huang Exploiting parallelism to solve the problem of pattern matching
Kejia Cui Prediction of Aqueous Solubility through a Neural Network
M. Barthel Petri nets: model checking, unfoldings and the observable configuration graph
M.L. Verbeek Goudvissen
Michiel Hoogeboom Architecture and Implementation Compliance: Reaching Compliance by means of automation
O. Shir Niching in Evolution Strategies
P. Haazebroek Web event Based usability analysis
P. Pandit Feasibility of Rhasody for Nexperia Home
P.J. Simoons Code organization and run-time reorganization using active linking
R. Breukelaar Evolving Transition rules for Multi Dimensional Cellular Automata
R. Brijder Characterizing Reducibility of Gene Patterns in Ciliates
R. Nabuurs Energy-bound Genetic Programming
R.P.J. Pinkers Analysis of Compiler Optimizations using Orthogonal Arrays
T. Cocx Automated generation and analysis of logical puzzles (the Flats puzzle)
T. Moerland Color Constancy from local Invariant Regions
V. Bilanovic Temporal Difference Driving Exam