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Student Thesis
Andre van Cleeff E-commerce, software voor het Lab.
D. Palomo van Es Fuzzy Association Rules and Promotional Scales Data
D. Vermeulen An Experimental Tax System in SugarScape
E. Oudshoorn Text-independent speaker verification. Relative contribution of segmental versus Versus prosodic information
Eric R.R. Verlooij Contextmanagement in een n-tier omgeving
Folker den Braber A precise foundation for modular refinement in MSC
J. Niestadt Real-time displacement mapping for large indoor scenes
J.M.J. Kiel Het gebruik van eM-Plant in een onderwijs-situatie
J.V. Guillen Scholten MoCha, A Model for distributed Mobile Channels
Jeroen J.W. Witteman Frequent iternsets: taxonomies, interestingness, fuzzy logic and time behaviour
M.L.M. Jansen Determining an observation-scheduling strategy for the LOFAR radio telescope using evolutionary computation techniques
Omar Achakzai Information Extraction in a Document management System
Peter Tas Het modelleren van Workflows met behulp van UML en Patterns
Roel Noort The Software Process. A practical approach for an offshore development center
S.F.I. Matzken Digital Identification of Musical Instruments
Vincent Berk Development of Network Security and Computer Forensics in a Law Enforcement Environment
Xander van Pelt The fusion factor, A constrained data fusion approach